Professional human resources service outsourcing provider

  • Labor Dispatch

    To solve the customer enterprise non core manufacturing and service outsourcing project contract, the administrative public service outsourcing contract, to achieve the core competitiveness of customers, to achieve enterprise "Teng cage for birds," the transformation and upgrading.

  • International Labour Services

    Is refers to the natural person or legal person, in order to provide, including labor engaged in engineering design, surveying, construction and installation, industrial production, agriculture labor, culture, education, art and sports, health care, transportation, post and telecommunications, legal, consulting, banking, insurance, accounting, inspection, data processing, computer programming and administrative activities to meet his country's natural person or legal person needs a kind of activities of the international community. The main countries are: Germany, Japan, Singapore, etc..

  • Social Insurance Agent

    To provide customers with more experience, the traditional social security fund will simplify the complex payment service complex process, to achieve the integration of resources Internet plus human resource outsourcing

  • Human Resource Service Process Outsourcing

    Policy advice: the provision of information on labor insurance and the latest policies of local governments promulgated.

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  • FESCO Xiamen

    FESCO Xiamen

  • FESCO Zhejiang

    FESCO Zhejiang

  • FESCO Dalian

    FESCO Dalian

  • FESCO Harbin

    FESCO Harbin

  • FESCO Changchun

    FESCO Changchun

  • FESCO Sichuan

    FESCO Sichuan

  • FESCO Shanxi

    FESCO Shanxi

  • FESCO Hebei

    FESCO Hebei

  • FESCO Tianjin

    FESCO Tianjin

  • FESCO Inner Mongolia

    FESCO Inner Mongolia

  • FESCO Beijing

    FESCO Beijing

  • FESCO Shaanxi

    FESCO Shaanxi

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    FESCO Henan

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    FESCO Hubei

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  • FESCO Hong Kong

    FESCO Hong Kong

  • FESCO Yunnan

    FESCO Yunnan

  • FESCO Guangxi

    FESCO Guangxi

  • FESCO Guizhou

    FESCO Guizhou

  • FESCO Jiangsu

    FESCO Jiangsu

  • FESCO Qingdao

    FESCO Qingdao

  • FESCO Jinan

    FESCO Jinan

  • FESCO Anhui

    FESCO Anhui

  • FESCO Jiangxi

    FESCO Jiangxi

  • FESCO Quanzhou

    FESCO Quanzhou

  • FESCO Fuzhou

    FESCO Fuzhou

  • FESCO Shanghai

    FESCO Shanghai

  • FESCO Suzhou

    FESCO Suzhou

  • FESCO Gansu

    FESCO Gansu

  • FESCO Qinghai

    FESCO Qinghai

  • FESCO Chongqing

    FESCO Chongqing

  • FESCO Xinjiang

    FESCO Xinjiang

  • FESCO Ningxia

    FESCO Ningxia


Solve the human resources service outsourcing service from the first day of customer recruitment to the departure of the customer recruitment process, reduce the risk of customer human resources investment. Solve the outsourcing of non-core manufacturing, manufacturing and service projects of customer companies, public service outsourcing of administrative undertakings, recruitment outsourcing, and social insurance outsourcing, so that enterprises can achieve their core competitiveness and realize the transformation and upgrading of customers.

About us

Company to "people-oriented, and enterprise and society to win the future" for the purpose, to customer demand oriented, bringing together industry elite, relying on the support from the national service platform of Internet and computer technology, to provide customers with enterprise management services, contract labor security affairs agency, labor dispatch, industrial manufacturing and services contract, the administrative public service, enterprise human resource consulting services, employee vocational skills training, such as a full range, multi-level, high efficiency of multiple areas of human resources service outsourcing business.

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